Clothes for Those in Need

What is Clothes for Those in Need?

Clothes for Those In Need is a donation foundation founded by #JESUS The Brand focused on giving back to struggling individuals and communities. Together we can make the world a happier place! Clothes for Those In Need donates clothing, food and even funds to those in need, not only locally, but throughout the entire state of Georgia.

Why We Do It?

We have a passion to help those who are facing hard times, as many of our own employees have experienced hardships such as homelessness at some point throughout their lives, including our CEO. 

How Our Customers Are Helping?

Right off the bat, 1% of every sale goes to the Clothes for Those In Need donation fund. In addition to that, we give our customers the chance to pay it forward. At checkout, our customers have the opportunity to donate to our foundation. 100% of donated funds go directly to helping struggling individuals and communities. These donations are then used to supply clothing, food, and funds to those in need. Make a donation on your next #JESUS purchase, because your next purchase will help the next person.

The Impact We've Made!

Since launching Clothes for Those in Need, we have donated $4,910.18 worth of supplies! We were blessed to be able to donate to "Angel Wings for the Missing Trafficked Homeless" who was able to get our clothing to the "Covenant House" which is a shelter that helps the homeless youth! We have also helped homeless youth with shelter so that they are able to clean up and prepare for a successful day at work! 

Thank You!

A loud thank you goes to our customers, donors, and team for helping provide necessities to those in need. We pray for the people that we have helped, and hope that the #JESUS they see on their clothing will remind them that they are not alone! God does not give us more than we can bare! We know that God will provide for them! Thank you all!

 Hashtag Jesus The Brand Clothing Being Donated to The Covenant House