About Us

Our Mission

To use our apparel to help spread the name of Jesus and be a constant reminder to show the love to others that God shows to us!

#Jesus The Brand


#Jesus The Brand was founded in 2020 by an Individual who is a believer of Jesus Christ. She started this Christian clothing brand because she wanted to do her part in amplifying the name of Jesus. It came to her that making herself a walking billboard for Jesus in her everyday attire was a great way to do that. She then thought, what if multiple people were to also glorify the name of Jesus through their every day attire? How much more would this amplify HIS name. This thought prompted her to make modern Christian apparel. She wanted to people to know that you can glorify Jesus with swagger. This is why she started #Jesus The Brand. To offer everyday clothing that empowers Christians to spread the name of Jesus in swag! This is how she felt compelled to do their part in building God's Kingdom and spread the name of the most high, #Jesus, all around the world! She truly believes Jesus is the name above all names and this she's on a mission to let the whole world know!